Descrizione Progetto

With Care

Climate changes are now clearly visible, but perhaps not everyone has a clear awareness of the actions that need to be put in place daily to stem and, possibly, solve the environmental damages that have generated them, putting a serious mortgage on the future of Life on this planet. One of these "small" actions that can have "big" impact is the conscious management of waste, which can thus re-enter, through recycling, a virtuous circle that is fundamental in terms of energy needs and eco-sustainability. Waste sorting makes it possible to achieve partial recovery of the raw materials, energy savings and a reduction in pollutant and climate-changing emissions. Understanding and knowledge of the processes that allow "waste" to be transformed into something "desired" can help Citizens to be stimulated in actively and responsibly participating by properly implementing separate waste collection. What and who is "beyond" the dumpster and/or collection truck? These images are meant to allow us to see another piece of this journey that begins in our homes and continues through the work of others. A glimpse into a sorting and processing center for packaging waste from domestic waste sorting and special non-hazardous waste generated by production activities (paper and cardboard, plastics, metals, wood, aggregates, etc.). The sorted materials are then sent for recovery and what remains for controlled disposal. To understand that yes, throwing that plastic bottle in the right bin is important and useful; and that no, it is not true that "nothing changes anyway" and "I can't do anything about it."