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Una questione “privata”, 2019 - 2021

March 2020. The first lockdown is declared in Italy: millions people's lives suddenly change. Simone and Giorgia decide to take Mamma Marina away from the nursing home where she lives due to Alzheimer's disease. Too dangerous to leave her there; and now, there is the possibility of looking after her constantly. They have plenty of time, the Covid has deprived them of the possibility of working. They are street artists and performances are forbidden. The current condition forces and absorbs them totally. It takes on a new dimension, but their true nature is not totally repressed. Like flashbacks, memories surface that nourish the hope of being able to return to their former life. Una questione "privata" (A "private" matter) tells of the fragile balances established in search of a new everyday life; to live, or perhaps survive, thinking about what was, wondering if it will still be.