Descrizione Progetto

Sensation Seeker

Man has always felt the need to determine his own affirmation through experiences, often extreme, in the form of "rites of passage". These rites, of whatever nature (social, religious, spiritual, personal) have the purpose of sanctioning the transition from a form of "normality" to a condition considered higher, different, somehow better. In contemporary society there are fewer and fewer "rites" imposed and more and more freely chosen ones. But what are the individuals who practice them looking for today? In pursuit of extreme sensations and experiences, they seek their place in a scale of values. The questions they ask themselves are: «How much am I worth? What am I capable of doing? How far can I go beyond the limits considered "conventional"?"» Going to the extreme is a challenge that is considered necessary to face yourself, in front of the eyes of others. Through the search for limits, the individual investigates his own characteristics, learns to recognize himself and to be recognized.

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