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( bringing everything back home )
May 2012: Earthquake in Emilia. Two strong tremors, 9 days apart, destroyed this region; the Earth trembled and buildings, houses but not only: the certainties collapsed. For safety reasons, the evacuation of all unsafe and unfit for habitation was ordered, many of which were located in the heart of Emilia, in rural areas, often inhabited by the elderly. Left without accommodation, alone or with relatives who cannot accommodate them because of the damage suffered, these people are welcomed in Shelter Centers. They thus leave their Homes. The same fate is suffered by their four-legged companions, rescued and welcomed by volunteers to be taken to the local dog pounds. Here are told 12 (stand for 2012) of these stories, the destroyed Home is at the center, full of the symbolism that it represents: certainty, shelter, place of family and affections .... but now all this is gone, those who lived there look at it lost and distant, and is clear in their eyes the heartbreaking desire to find themselves "Bringing everything back home".