Descrizione Progetto

Nel segno della passione

( In the sign of passion )
A brief journey into the genesis of tattoos, a rite officiated by the tattooer in which, through ink, the Inner (an idea) and the Outer (the skin) meet and bind indissolubly.
A window screened by a shutter with open flaps allows us to catch a glimpse of the intimate atmosphere in which we enter. Prints, images, fluttering flags full of drawings invite to the choice of the symbol that will be manifested; the bust of an Englishman of the beginning of the 20th century as a "saint", precursor in the West of the decoration of the body, contamination between the colonizers and the colonized.
An image reflected on the mirror announces that the rite has begun; drawings and colors take shape slowly. A process born from desire, from the accurate choice of images and the evaluation of spaces and shapes in which to insert every valence that even the character will progressively assume, slow as the decoration process is.
A physical metamorphosis, such color affixed to the skin, such an image transposed on photographic paper: varied and infinite readings of this new creature.