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INFERNO is my contemporary vision of the first Cantica of Dante’s Divine Comedy. In particular, Canto IV: the deadly sin Gluttony. This sin coincides with a desire for immediate satisfaction of the body by means of something material, but not only, that causes complacency. Gluttony expresses greed in everything, thoughts, vices, emotions; it is the sin of insatiability on all material and spiritual levels. It goes hand in hand with lust when combined with sexual insatiability. A mind always full of thoughts that never stands still and in which man takes refuge not to work on himself is Gluttony. It is an uncontrollability, an inability to moderate yourself; for example, alcoholics and avid smokers commit this sin. At the End, after the Last Judgement, the future of the damned souls will be to reappropriate their bodies: their sensitivity will increase and they will feel the eternal punishment with greater intensity (as Virgil told to Dante, in accordance with the theories of Aristotelian philosophy). So, their own Senses, they tried to satisfy along their entire life, will be their punishers. The Inferno is inside ourselves.