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( the noise of sorrow )
The last fifty years have been witnesses of the exorbitant growth of the consumerist economy, where disposables became indispensable. The sight of a dump shows us the final destination of our garbage and the huge accumulation of it.
Even the vestments and the furnishings of the burial ends up in a dump revealing that, paradoxically, even these objects die.
That view destabilize us by playing on our feelings about death. The broken coffins, their worn coating, tombstones with the epitaph quoting the last farewell from the relatives.
So, what remains of the sorrow we felt? What remains of the respect and the mercy we felt for the departed? What remains if the objects we consider deathless ends up among the consumerist garbage?
Maybe we can start to realize that the life of a person is not linked with the objects that we usually use commemorate them. The vestments of the burial remain witnesses of the necessity of death after life, but our attachment to them become useless as we internalize our memories. And what about the other garbage?
It shows the quality of our lives, and the difference between being and having, where having progressively replaces being because of our greed. It&apos:s becoming clearer that the true sorrow is the one caused by the constant damage that we are doing to our planet, and that's what will make our future noiseless.